My story

I’m a writer, maker and coffee addict.

I have wanted to run my own blog for years, but never felt like I had enough passion for any one topic to sustain a blog. I rediscovered reading and a desire to write fiction in 2020 as a way to deal with the insanity of the pandemic. A year later I am more passionate about books and writing than I ever have been before.

As I looked for book reviews, I found social media is a great source for book recommendations, but it focuses on two categories of books – YA novels and spicy books for adults

As much as I love those,I find my heart in midgrade novels. Being 9-12 years old was my favorite part of being a kid. Magic is everywhere. Fairies and witches are just as real as the terror you feel when you go into the basement.

So I decided to start reviewing and talking about the best Midgrade novels I can find.

You can find me on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram.